Connect a private Storybook

What is a private Storybook?

A private Storybook is any Storybook that can’t be publicly accessed directly because:

  • It is on a private network (i.e. requires a VPN)
  • It requires authentication (i.e. SSO or basic authentication)

Activate private Storybook

To activate private Storybooks, please use the checkbox “I have a private Storybook” when entering the URL of your Storybook.

Screenshot of with 'I have a private Storybook' checked

You will then be prompted to connect to agent. agent

For private Storybooks, requires the installation of a local agent on your computer in order to access your private Storybook.

See agent installation guide.

Privacy policy

The agent allows to process your private Storybook without sharing any of your credentials. Your Storybook is also accessed locally without sharing data outside of your local computer.