Backlight, Storybook and Histoire logos in 3 buttons and a mouse pointer on the Histoire button. now supports Histoire

Since launching, has always supported Storybook and Backlight. But we knew that there were other platforms that teams were using to write and maintain the stories for their components. Today, we are pleased to announce that now also supports Histoire as a source of stories to create Figma components from.

What is Histoire?

Histoire is an alternative to Storybook, specifically designed for:

Histoire was built from the ground-up to be a Vite-native story builder.

Learn more about why teams are turning to platforms like Histoire in their article Why Histoire or on the Histoire website.

What Histoire looks like

Screen of Histoire Vue 3 example at

Available at

The UI is similar to Storybook, and you will find your list of components and full story catalog in the side panel on the left.

How stories are defined

Vue 3

For Vue, stories are defined in a .vue single-file-component as illustrated below:

<script lang="ts" setup>
  import BaseButton from './BaseButton.vue';

  function initState() {
    return {
      disabled: false,
      color: undefined,
      size: undefined,

      type: 'grid',
      width: 200,
    <Variant title="playground" :init-state="initState">
      <template #default="{ state }">
          Click me

      <template #controls="{ state }">
        <HstCheckbox v-model="state.disabled" title="Disabled" />
            { value: undefined, label: 'Default' },
            { value: 'green', label: 'Green' },
            { value: 'red', label: 'Red' },
            { value: undefined, label: 'Default' },
            { value: 'small', label: 'Small' },
            { value: 'big', label: 'Big' },

    <Variant title="big green button" icon="el:resize-full">
      <BaseButton color="green" size="big"> Click me </BaseButton>

    <Variant title="small red button" icon-color="#F43F5E">
      <BaseButton color="red" size="small"> Click me! </BaseButton>

Check out the result in this Vue example.

Svelte 3

Similarly, for Svelte, stories are defined in a .svelte file.

<script lang="ts">
  import { logEvent } from 'histoire/client'
  import type { Hst } from '@histoire/plugin-svelte'
  import BaseButton from './BaseButton.svelte'
  export let Hst: Hst
  let disabled = false
  let size = 'medium'
  let source;
  $: {
    source = `<BaseButton`;
    if (disabled) {
      source += ` disabled`;
    source += `>Click me !</BaseButton>`;

<Hst.Story title="BaseButton" {source}>
  <BaseButton {disabled} {size} on:click={event => logEvent('click', event)}>
    Click me!
  <div style="margin-top: 6px;">
      <input type="checkbox" bind:checked={disabled} >

  <svelte:fragment slot="controls">
      options={['small', 'medium', 'large']}
    <pre>{JSON.stringify({ disabled, size }, null, 2)}</pre>

  pre {
    padding: 8px;
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, .1);
    border-radius: 4px;
    margin: 8px;
    font-size: 0.8rem;

Check out the result in this Svelte example.

Histoire as a new source for now supports an additional source for components, in addition to the existing support for Storybook and Backlight.

Screenshot of the welcome screen of plugin where we can see Storybook, Backlight and Histoire options

Figma variant selection

Histoire doesn’t use args the way Storybook does, so the a basic set-up of variants with the plugin is not available yet.

For now, in order to use Histoire with, you’ll need to use the advanced mode to set up variants together with the variantProperties API.

Screenshot of plugin importing the BaseButton in Advanced mode

From Histoire to Figma

After setting up your variants using the plugin’s advanced mode, plus the variantProperties API, your components can then be imported as native Figma components with all the variants you selected.

Screen of Histoire Vue 3 example at Screenshot of in Figma with BaseButton component imported

Currently only available in closed beta

Histoire support in is currently only available in closed beta while we fine tune the integration.

If you’d like to have early access and be one of our beta users, please contact us at We are always keen on working with new users 🤗.

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