Turn your stories into a Figma UI Kit

Your Figma Design UI Kit automatically generated from Storybook or Backlight


How does it work?


Install the plugin

Install Figma plugin in your Figma account


Link the stories

Grab the URL from Storybook or Backlight Design System and link it in the plugin


Enjoy a ready UI Kit

Within seconds the plugin generates your Figma component with all its variants

Generates all variants

1296 variations for a button ? All variants are generated and automatically composed as a single component with properties.



Updates effortlessly

Code changes? Don’t waste time updating your Figma components, let the plugin do it for you.

Works for any framework

HTML/CSS, React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Stencil, Lit... If you have stories, it will work.


Do you need it now?

We are hand picking partners in this early phase of the product. Let us know about your project, we are always happy to take on new challenges.

Not using Figma?

You want it for Sketch, AdobeXD or another Design tools ?