Screenshot of a Figma file named containing a picture of a "We're open" neon light sign over a dark brick wall, with the plugin shortcut displayed on the top left corner.

We are open!

After a few months of testing our private Beta with early adopters, we are now pleased to open to everyone!

Import components from Storybook to Figma automatically

Features already present

  • Supports Storybook 6.0+ and Backlight
  • Supports any framework
  • Create all variants from component controls
  • Simulate variants for hover, tap, active and focus
  • Update your Figma components in two clicks anytime a new version is available
  • And more!

Get started today!

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👋 Hi there!

We built the Figma plugin that keeps your Figma library true-to-code. imports components from Storybook to Figma in seconds.

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