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Generate and sync full Figma components from your code.

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Connect your stories to Figma in 3 steps

100+ components to create in Figma? Thousands of variants to maintain? does it for you.

  1. 1

    Connect your Storybook, Backlight or Histoire

    screenshot of the plugin showing the field where to paste your Storybook link to connect to it
  2. 2

    Select components and variants

    screenshot of the plugin showing the list of the components found in the provided Storybook, with some selected for import
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    Generate components in Figma

    screenshot of Figma with the UI kit result from the import

Keep Figma in sync with Storybook,
no maintenance required

Want to update hundreds of variants with the latest changes? brings all code updates from Storybook to Figma in a click.

Quick updates

Get notified any time the code changes in Storybook and update your Figma designs in a click.

Screenshot of the plugin showing an outdated checkbox component

Visual reviews

Review updates visually before bringing them from Storybook to Figma, for design and code that's always aligned.

Screenshot of the plugin showing synced checkbox component and its variants

Features our users love

A card component with all layers highlighted and auto-layout showing.
Generate quality Figma layers with auto-layout generates high-fidelity Figma layers with auto-layout, whenever possible.
screenshot showing an icon button component and its searchbox sub component
Import nested components automatically detects and links nested-components for you. Your UI kit has never been so complete.
Learn more >
screenshot of before and after of a component change.
Enhance Figma's Dev Mode provides code snippets for the components used in designs, complete with all properties and attributes to use in your app.
Learn more >
hand pointer over a button labelled 'Primary'
Simulate states
Simulate your components' pseudo-states automatically: hover, tap, active and focus.
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A set of 2 style-guides with two different styles.
Multi-brand support supports Storybook "globals" to select themes. Import multiple brands as different variants, components or in different Figma files.
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A desktop, a laptop and a mobile illustrated with a component inside them in different viewport sizes.
Responsive components can capture components in different viewports. Breakpoints are configurable, too.
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screenshot of before and after of a component change.
Iterate with Local mode
Connect to your local Storybook with Local mode for fast iterations of your components.
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Lit, React, Angular, Stencil, HTML, CSS, Svelte and Vue logos
Works with any story framework
HTML/CSS, React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Stencil, Lit... If you have stories, it works.

What people are saying

Testimonials from users around the world.

Aligns design and code

“We want to align design and code and looked like the perfect tool for us to use from the ground up.”

Photo of Joshua Hailpern

Joshua Hailpern

Head of Design at Neo.Tax


“I’m blown away... Exactly what I and many on my team have been looking for.”

Photo of Quentin Renard

Quentin Renard

Engineering Director at AREA 17

Single source-of-truth

“My team believes our code is the source-of-truth and that can help our design process to realize this.”

Photo of Dag Frode Solberg

Dag Frode Solberg

Senior Developer at Bekk

Interesting workflow

“The workflow is interesting, especially for teams with no designers or when they’re misaligned with development.”

Photo of Laís Kantor

Laís Kantor

Senior Product Designer at Covantis


“I didn’t know would be that powerful.”

Photo of Alfredo Perez

Alfredo Perez

UI Engineer at SailPoint


“ looks impressive to me.”

Photo of Marija Silinska

Marija Silinska

Senior Product Designer at Emergn

Exceeds expectations

“It’s doing even more than I was expecting.”

Photo of Amanda Bloomfield

Amanda Bloomfield

Senior UI Team Lead at SproutLoud

So impressive

“It’s so impressive to see the components coming through, I’m over the moon!”

Photo of Brent Schneider

Brent Schneider

Senior UX Designer at Ad Hoc


“What ‹div›RIOTS is doing with is really spot-on! The code to design approach is gutsy.”

Photo of Magnus Brodén

Magnus Brodén

Design system PM at Arbetsförmedlingen



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