Connect your Storybook

The first step to start using is to connect your Storybook or Histoire component library. This can be done directly from the plugin homepage, and there are currently 4 methods to connect your library:

Screenshot of with 'private or local' checked

Public/open to everyone

If your Storybook is public and has a URL that anyone can access, select this connection method. Simply copy the main URL of your Storybook, Histoire or Backlight library, paste it into the plugin and click ‘Connect’. will access your library directly via its public URL.

URL example:

Private server behind log-in

If your library is on a private server that requires basic authentication, select this option ‘Private server behind log-in’. You’ll be prompted to enter the username and password to your server.

Cloudflare service tokens

The option ‘Cloudflare service tokens’ is specifically for servers behind Zero Trust from Cloudflare. Cloudflare generates service tokens that consist of a Client ID and a Client Secret, which automated systems or applications can then use to reach an application protected by Cloudflare Access.

For more details, check out Cloudflare’s documentation on service tokens.

Private or local

If your Storybook is private, this means it can’t be publicly accessed by anyone. You’ll need to select the ‘Private or local’ connection method when your Storybook…

  • Is on a private network (i.e. requires a VPN)
  • Requires authentication (i.e. SSO or basic authentication)

To connect your private or local Storybook, follow these instructions:

1. Select ‘Private or local’ when connecting

To activate a private Storybook, select the checkbox ‘Private or local’ when entering the URL of your library on the homepage of the plugin.

You will then be prompted to connect to the agent.

2. Install and run the agent

For private Storybooks, requires the installation of a local agent on your computer in order to access your private Storybook.

See agent installation guide.

Data and privacy: The agent allows to process your private Storybook without sharing any of your credentials. When using the agent, all your Storybook data is accessed locally on your computer and never reaches our servers.

What if I don’t have a Storybook yet?

If you’d like to try out but don’t have a Storybook, Histoire or Backlight library set up, we offer 2 public libraries for you to test: Onfido and Phorkit.

Navigate to the bottom of the homepage and connect to one of these libraries. You’ll be able to start using right away.

Screenshot of with demo libraries to connect to.

What if I’m using Chromatic?

If your Storybook is hosted on Chromatic, you can use build or branch URLs from Chromatic. We recommend that you use the URL of the main branch so you always get the latest version.

The format of the URL is:

  • <BRANCH> is the name of the branch. (Usually master)
  • <PROJECTID> is the ID of your project in Chromatic

If your Chromatic project is private and requires authentication, follow the above steps for connecting a private Storybook.