In order to access a private Storybook, requires the installation of a local agent on your computer.

Download the agent

Download for Windows

Download for MacOS

Download for Linux

Run the agent

1. Connect to the agent from the plugin

After downloading the agent from one of the links above, open and check the box I have a private Storybook. Enter the URL to your Storybook and click Connect with the agent.

2. Open the agent from your downloads

Go to your downloads and open the agent to start running it. The agent will automatically run a new server under the port 9265.

3. Log in to the agent’s dashboard

For security reasons, the agent requires authentication. In the agent’s dashboard, click Log in. A browser will open automatically, prompting you to log in with email, Google or Github.

4. Import components from your private Storybook

Once the agent is running, go back to Figma. Your private Storybook should be ready and connected so you can import components!

Please note that the agent will be running in the system tray or menu bar of your operating system.