Storybook globals

What are Storybook globals?

Storybook globals are variables controlling the rendering of all stories at a high-level perspective.

Globals can be used for theming or locale switching among other usecases.

For more information, see Storybook’s documentation.

How to use them?

When your Storybook has globals defined, they will appear in the list of possible variants to import:

Import dialog with Globals highlighted

You can also use them in Advanced setup or inside your stories like any other arg using the VariantProperties API.


A global behaves like an extra Arg for stories:

SelectionBehaviorFigma property
Global not selectedDefault value of the global is used to generate all Figma variants (as defined in Storybook).No extra property
1 value is selectedThis value is used for the global to generate all Figma variants.No extra property
Multiple values are selectedMultiple sets of variants for each global value will be generated.New Figma property available for the component

Set global values for all components imported

You can define global values by default in the Import default configuration like any other arg.